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Black-throated Sparrow
Black-throated Sparrow taken at Red Rock Canyon outside Las Vegas

**Update- The Birds Section has been updated with each
avian family seen in Clark County, which you can
then click on to see the species of birds found here**

This web site is in the process of being built.
I will update it with information in the coming weeks.

I plan on listing all the birds that can be seen in the
Las Vegas area, within the borders of Clark County.

I will include the sites that will give you the best opportunity to see each individual bird, and maps of the sites with directions on how to get there.

I will include as many photos as I can of each bird, and
eventually will include audio clips of each bird's song or call.

I will also have links to other sites about Las Vegas and
Nevada birding and a section on how to contact me.

For now contact me at chrisgardner05@aol.com

~Chris Ruiz-Gardner